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Vassilis Selimas

Vassilis Selimas (b.1983) is an artist and a figurative painter based in Athens, Greece. He studied painting at the School of fine Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2003-2008). His works describe his personal history with realistic and symbolic elements.

Solo exhibitions

2019 Reality, Ikastikos Kiklos Dl, Athens
2015 Building one, Vogiatzoglou Art Space, Athens-N.Ionia (curator Eleni Kipreou)
2013 Nostalgists, Thanassis Frissiras Gallery, Athens


2019 Animation Workshop, Astypalaia, Greece / collaboration with the Non-profit organization Agoni Grammi Gonimi
2018 Bathtub Memory Project, Munich Biennale, Munich
/ production by Munich Biennale in co production with Onassis Cultural Center
2016 Nio, one little story, Studio Project, Athens


2017 EVGE  awards, Merit for the book, Nio,one little story, Athens

Group exhibitions

2020  Erotica, Skoufa Gallery, Athens
2020  Marginalia gallery, Cyprus
2020  At the Studio, Hellenic American Union, Athens / curators Ira Papapostolou, Manos Spanos
2019 Antropometers, Marginalia Gallery, Cyprus
2019 Art Athina, Skoufa Gallery, Zappeion Mansion, Athens
2019 Quo Vadis – three painters, Fetihie Mosque, Nafpaktos
2019 Warming, E Art Gallery, Paros, Greece
2019 Still Alive, The Project Gallery, Athens / curators G.Bolis, A.Maganiotis
2019-2018  Three collectors, three seasons, Vogiatzoglou Gallery, N.Ionia, Athens  / curator M.Stefanidis
2018 Inland Athens, Mets Art Center, Athens / curator Nikos Vatopoulos
2018 Grayscale, Ikastikos Kiklos DL, Athens
2018-2017 Tribute to the Greek Poet G.Seferis, B.&M. Theoharakis Foundation, Athens / curator Takis Mavrotas
2017 Taking Roots, Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Military Warehouse, Thessaloniki  / curator Orestis Andreadakis

Vassilis Selimas: TeamMember
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