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Kostas Lavdas

Kostas Lavdas is a painter, trained as an iconographer, with part of his artistic descendance rooted in Byzantine painting. As far as visual language goes, the structure of his work steps on the deep painting tradition of the east. Stylistically however, it alludes to pop culture, lowbrow, anime and street art. Curiously balancing between iconography and street art, the works have a retro-contemporary feel about them. Drawing mostly from situations that he experiences intensely, he is particularly fascinated with the interaction between the two sexes, the way relationships form as a result of everyday situations, under the pressure of daily life, and the battle between different personalities, dreams and aspirations. Rather than using canvases, he prefers to paint on salvaged wood and objects found on the street, giving them a new life, also injecting the artworks with the personality of the objets trouves.

Kostas Lavdas: Our Artists
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